Evaluate Your Facility's Biosecurity With Our On-site Infection Control Program

Published on July 18, 2017

Just how strong is your facility’s biosecurity? Find out through Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital’s On-site Infection Control Program, an evaluation and planning opportunity for equine facilities.


Biosecurity pertains to implementing management practices that prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases within your barn. Due to the high volume of traffic (people and horses), boarding facilities and show grounds carry an innate risk of exposure to a variety of infectious diseases.

Good infection control practices at home and while on the road are critical to mitigating the risks of a disease outbreak – from equine herpes virus neurological disease to strangles.

To assist barn owners, show facilities, trainers and others in strengthening their biosecurity practices, Pilchuck’s resident infectious disease expert, Wendy Harless Mollat, DVM, DACVIM, is available for on-site visits for evaluation and planning.

Pilchuck’s On-site Infection Control Program includes:

  • Horse health management, including traveling guidelines
  • Access management, including managing visitors and transient horses
  • Operational management, including cleaning and disinfection, and pest control
  • A presentation of an infection control best practices certificate for posting in your facility (upon plan implementation)

Good biosecurity is good for your horses, good for the equine community at large, and good for your financial investment. Remember: Smart, comprehensive planning now can mitigate the risks of the next disease outbreak!  

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