Breathe Easy: New Oxygen Delivery System at PVH

Published on July 18, 2017

PVH hospital manager Patrick McKinnon has been working on a big -- and very important -- project for the last year or so, and it recently came together. The subject? Oxygen! 

As our hospital has grown, so have the needs for adequate oxygen supplies. The overall surgical and emergency load has grown steadily year over year. Our oxygen vendor, Airgas, already was making twice-weekly deliveries, and we had to check the supply daily and change backup tanks as needed. In addition, we had a central system for most but not all of the hospital. The oxygen supply for the MRI room was supplied through portable tanks.

Airgas partnered with us to modernize the whole delivery system. This involved installing a much larger liquid oxygen tank and supply piping connecting the existing delivery system and adding the MRI room to the central system.

The new delivery system is state-of-the-art with multiple backups and safety systems. Also very convenient: The unit has telemetry, which automatically contacts Airgas directly when the tank needs to be refilled. With the connection to this new supply, we will only need to be filled once every month to six weeks. We benefit from having a maintenance-free system and Airgas benefits by gaining the efficiency of fewer deliveries.

Our new state-of-the-art oxygen system

We’re happy to share this little “behind the scenes” look at how we are always working to provide the best-possible veterinary care in our modern and ever-growing facility!