Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome: 9/17/13 Presentation Slides

View slides from our September 17, 2013, client education seminar on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. 

  • Wendy Harless Mollat, DVM, DACVIM, Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, and 
  • Gina Fresquez, M.S., Equine Nutrition Specialist, Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC

Dr. Wendy Mollat's Presentation Outline:

  • Equine Stomach Anatomy and Physiology
  • Clinical Signs
  • How Ulcers Form
  • Key Risk Factors
  • Diagnosing and Classifying Ulcers
  • Treatment Options
  • Prevention

View Dr. Mollat's Slides Now (via Scribd)

Gina Fresquez's Presentation Outline:

  • Understanding the Stomach
  • Exercise-associated Gastric Ulcers
  • Alfalfa: Love or Hate? 
  • Reducing the Risk of Gastric Ulcers
  • Feeding Management

View Gina Fresquez's Slides Now (via Scribd)