Northwest Equine Foot Science Group

June 29, 2012 11:00 AM

This group is not affiliated with any school of thought related to horse foot care or method of Farriery.  It is open to all professionals (Veterinarians and Farriers) who are committed to learning, collaboration and advancement of the care and treatment of horses’ feet in the Pacific Northwest.

We recognize that Equine Foot-Care Professionals are a diverse group.  The goal is to expose members to relevant primary research that is happening in our field, and allow us to stay abreast of advances in areas such as biomechanics, physiology, imaging and treatment of the equine foot.

The format will be modeled after a professional “Journal Club.”  A single (or several related) articles of primary scientific literature pertaining to the equine foot will be selected each month.  Literature will be distributed to members of the group.  Members will read the article(s) prior to the meeting, then come prepared to objectively discuss and critique the material.  Other types of educational opportunities may also be pursued, based on the input of the group.

Those interested should contact:  Dr. Michelle Delco at (e-mail is preferred) or call 425-765-8896.