Our Cat Care Center

Giving Puget Sound felines something to purr about


Established in March 2012, Pilchuck's Cat Care Center is an area of our hospital specially designed for feline patients - including an exclusive "cats-only" waiting area. In February 2014, Pilchuck became a Gold-level Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. 

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Appointments: 360.568.3113

The Cat Care Center team focuses on preventive health care and whole-body wellness for each life stage of each feline patient. Vaccine recommendations are tailored to fit the lifestyle of the cat, and nutrition, exercise and supplement guidelines will be addressed at each appointment to improve the quality of life for feline patients.

Features and Benefits

With cats' discerning preferences in mind, Pilchuck designed the Cat Care Center to include:

  • Separate parking, entrance and waiting area for cats, away from canine patients, to prevent unnecessary anxiety for felines
  • Feline-only examination room away from other exam rooms, to prevent noise and scents from dogs that can create anxiety for feline patients
  • Calming pheromones, a cat tree to allow the cat to acclimate to the environment and cat toys in the feline-online exam room
  • Examination bench so the cat can be examined near its owner (instead of on a cold exam table)
  • Specialized equipment for in-room diagnostics with the owner present - versus "a trip to the back" - for blood pressure measurement, ocular (eye) pressure measurement, eye and ear examinations, dermatologic evaluations, and more
    • Keeping the cat in the same room and near its owner for most diagnostics will not only help reduce overall stress, but also will provide more accurate test results.
  • Private feline ICU with individual kitty condos that block external noise 
  • Staff specifically trained to use minimal restraint for exams and blood draws
    • The Center's nurses have the ability to draw samples in the exam room with the owner present, which prevents anxiety for both the cat and owner.
  • Retail section with specially chosen cat toys, nutritional supplements and environmental-enrichment products (to reward kitty for a visit well-done!)

Importance of Veterinary Visits for Cats

Many cat owners skip those important yearly checkups for their kitties. They want to avoid putting their cats through the stress of a vet visit, from the dreaded carrier and car ride to the unfamiliar and often-dog-filled environment.

However, wellness visits are just as important for cats as they are for dogs. A cat will age, on average, five to 10 times faster than a human. And cats are notorious for hiding their signs of illness.

During an annual checkup, your cat's veterinarian will provide a thorough exam and screen your cat for parasites, dental disease, obesity, hyperthyroidism and a lot more. Early detection and treatment are crucial to helping your cat live a long, happy, pain-free life.


Call the small-animal reception desk at 360.568.3113 for appointment information. We look forward to seeing you and your feline friends!