Use Of Frozen Semen In The Mare

Breeding a mare using frozen semen takes more intensive monitoring of the mare than use of either fresh or
fresh cooled semen. When frozen- thawed semen is deposited into the reproductive tract of a mare, the sperm
cells are only expected to remain viable for 12 – 18 hrs. Therefore, the breeding strategy consists of precisely
timed periovulatory insemination. We use one of several successful protocols determined by the mare’s status
and semen availability. The expected per cycle conception rate is approximately 40- 45% using frozen semen.
(This rate is highly dependent on individual mare and stallion factors that should be discussed with you by your

It is very important that the mare’s uterus is normal before artificial insemination with frozen semen is considered.
We can help you determine if your mare is a good candidate for breeding using frozen semen and what the
procedure entails in terms of cost and time. Breeding with frozen semen, because of the intensive monitoring
involved, is offered only at PSERC, not on an ambulatory basis.