New Disease Affecting Pets Across Washington State

Condition Coined “Seahawks Fever”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks disease outbreaks and studies the situations and causative agents for illnesses.

Looking at data from veterinary hospitals across the state, the CDC has noticed a dramatic upswing in cases of “dietary indiscretion” or “garbage gut” in pets occurring hours to days immediately following a Seattle Seahawks game. The CDC has designated the disease “Seahawks Fever.”

Symptoms include but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood), and inappetance.

The cause is believed to be associated with large gatherings of overly excited people around a TV, in conjunction with large amounts of tempting food and other substances. Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson are believed to be asymptomatic carriers.


Obviously, folks, the CDC involvement is a spoof.

Enjoy the game and cheer for our team ... but please don’t leave large amounts of people food and beverages and other substances (e.g., marijuana) lying around, or in an easily accessible trash can, where your animal friends can get into them while you are -- quite understandably -- distracted with your guests and the game.

Some of these football gatherings have more people, alcohol and other substances than typically seen at Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s all rolled into one! Working in the veterinary ER, we see many cases of garbage gut and accidental toxin exposure and just want to remind pet owners to be mindful of what your pet can get into so you can avoid an emergency trip to the vet.

I’m not much of a sports fan but I think here we say “Go Hawks!!!”?

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Update: Thanks to Jennifer B. for suggesting we remind pet owners of the dangers that chip bags can cause our pets. "Chip bags and other food packaging pose serious suffocation risks to our pets. Too many pets, especially dogs, have died from suffocating in chip bags, cereal boxes, pet treat bag liners, and dog food and cat food bags." Source and more information at:


Posted 9.17.15