Featured Case: Chevy

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We saw sweet Chevy go from critical condition … to tail wagging. All the best to Chevy and her family as Chevy continues to recover! Here is her story:
On December 14, the Cashmans arrived home to find Chevy, their 5-year-old Lab mix, lying on the front porch covered in blood. She was obviously injured and struggling. They rushed her to Pilchuck for emergency care. 
Chevy had multiple puncture wounds over her right rear leg and thigh, along with wounds on her abdomen, face and chest. Our initial diagnostics found that she had significant subcutaneous emphysema (air under the skin), cardiopulmonary contusions (bruised lungs and heart), a serious arrhythmia (abnormal heart beat), pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and a dislocated sternum. She was seriously injured and in critical condition. 
The Cashmans were very dedicated to Chevy and authorized all support, including oxygen support, IV fluid therapy, heavy pain control, IV nutrition, a plasma transfusion and a whole blood transfusion. After several days and a lot of intensive nursing care, Chevy began to improve.
On December 19, the Cashmans were able to take Chevy home. She was still battered and bruised, with a long road to recovery, but mending. To see her walk out our front door, tail wagging, is the reason we are here.

Part of what makes Chevy’s story one of success is the blood products she received. If you are interested in having your pet become a blood donor -- and a lifesaver! -- please call our office at 360.568.3113 or visit www.pilchuckvet.com/articles/pilchuck-blood-bank-for-dogs-and-cats

Article added January 13, 2014