EHV-1 Update 2012

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital has confirmed that there are two positive EHV-1 cases in our region. Both cases were positive for the non-neurotropic form of EHV-1 (same as type as the California horses). One horse did develop mild neurologic signs. The horses were at the recent Thermal horse show and returned home within the past 2 weeks.
To limit further spread of this virus, we are making the following recommendations for any horses that were at the HITS show in Thermal within the past 3 weeks:
  • Take temperature at least 2 times daily and call your vet if a temperature of greater than 101.5 is recorded.
  • Monitor for any signs of respiratory disease such as cough or nasal discharge and call your vet if any signs are noted.
  • Call your vet immediately if any neurologic signs such as hind limb weakness, difficulty urinating or defecating.
  • Do not transport any horses that were either at the HITS show or in contact with horses from that show within the past 3 weeks - minimize contacts with any new horses.
Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital is continuing normal business at this time, but will not be accepting elective procedures at PVH on horses that recently returned from the recent HITS show.  We will continue to keep our FB page updated with current information as it becomes available.